When you are planning to travel to different states for work or vacation, you might think that things will be more or less the same wherever you go. After all, you’re still in the US. But there are a few differences that you should consider as you plan ahead.

Getting Medical Care Might Cost You

Check with your insurance company before traveling to other states. Costs for things such as copays, urgent care, and prescription medications can change dramatically from state to state even if the insurance company is the same. Verify that the medical providers in the locations that you’re going to are in your insurance network. and find out what the cost-share factors are for services.

Ask your insurance company if there are special provisions for travelers and if there are any exceptions, such as special circumstances if you’re traveling to a rural location with limited care available. Have your insurance company email a summary of benefits so that you can review and prepare for your trip.

The Rules of the Road Might Be Different

Check Google for the rules of the road for each state that you’re going to if you plan on driving when you get there. Every state is different, and you would hate to get a ticket because you were unaware. Most states hold you responsible for learning the rules of the road before you drive. For instance, not every state allows you to turn right on red lights, and many states have strict rules about speed in school zones.

A quick internet search will provide the information that you need to be safe on the roads. Highway safety laws are important to know because some states have a 55 miles per hour rule whereas others have a 70 miles per hour rule. Pay close attention to the child seat laws because some states require passengers under two to ride rear-facing, whereas others do not. Road safety is important for pedestrian crossings too. Some states enforce standing in outlined crosswalks even if you are waiting to turn or are waiting for the light to change. Tickets can be very expensive and can raise the rates of your insurance, so make sure you know the rules to save yourself time, headaches, and money while traveling. 

Prepare for a Change in Weather

The weather can impact any trip, and you need to know when the current weather when traveling to different states. The weather conditions will determine what you need to pack. If you’re traveling regionally, then the weather may not change drastically, but ten or twenty degrees can result in a significant difference.  Weather is tricky because the temperature can say one number, but what the air outside feels like can be different. Do a Google search to see what other visitors had to say about the weather where you’re going, and then prepare accordingly.

Pack a travel-size umbrella just in case it rains. In some states, the wind is a significant factor, so pack a light windbreaker. In places such as Nevada, the weather can be hot, dry, and humid during the day, but at night, the temps can drop below fifty degrees. Having a lightweight backpack is a convenient way to carry a sweater or jacket if needed.

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