As an artist, you know full well how fickle inspiration can be. If you’ve found yourself in an artistic rut, then maybe a trip to somewhere new can spark some fresh new ideas. Below, you will find 3 tips for traveling in search of inspiration.

Plan Your Destinations Carefully

Perhaps the most important part of any trip is the pre-planning. Because you will be traveling in search of inspiration, you’re going to want to choose places that will spark your creativity. Depending on your specific interests and medium of art, you might want to choose a city that has lots of art museums and people, like New York City or Paris, or a rural city that will allow you to spend lots of time in nature. After you decide where in the world you want to go, you’re going to want to search for the best travel and hotel deals. Planning and booking far in advance of your trip can help save you a fair amount of money.

Pack Your Supplies Wisely

After you decide where you’re going, it’s now time for packing. Inspiration can come at any time and from anywhere, so you will want your art supplies to be easily accessible. A good list of things to bring, especially for plein air painting, can be found on this website. Perhaps walking through Tokyo, you spot an amazing building that you have to sketch or in Alaska the perfect wide-open blue sky appears and you just have to paint it. Carrying a good-sized art portfolio bag with comfortable straps is the best way to keep your art supplies right within reach. According to this art bag company, the whole point of using a portfolio bag is to keep your hands free while you are biking or walking around your destination. Inspiration can be fickle, so you will want your portfolio bag on you at all times.

Don’t Be Shy

Last, when you finally arrive at your destination, you may feel a little shy or self-conscious, especially if you haven’t created much art in a public space before. After all, you may attract the attention of passersby who are interested in what you are doing or you might feel a little strange setting up your easel in unconventional places. However, the reason for traveling for inspiration is that it will get you out of your usual comfort zone and strike up new kinds of ideas. Don’t be afraid or shy to pull out your sketchbook anywhere you are, including a restaurant, the sidewalk, an art museum, or even at the beach. Take advantage of every moment. Who knows what kind of art you might create?

When you’re traveling for inspiration, you will want to plan your destination carefully in order to get the best deals, pack your supplies wisely in an art portfolio bag, and don’t forget to always answer inspiration’s call.

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