Traveling should be fun for the entire family! It may seem stressful packing your children’s suitcase and flying to your dream destination, but it’s also important to determine safety rules while they’re there. No matter if you’re heading to the tropics or the slopes, your entire family can benefit from simple tips to keep everyone safe and happy.

Stay Together

Your children should be taught to stay with their family during their vacation at all times. Develop a code word together in case a stranger approaches them and claims to know their parents. You can also outfit your child with an ID bracelet and inform them to head to the nearest safety station in case they’re separated from you. Unfortunately, tragic incidents can happen when children are lost from their parents, including kidnapping. Sex trafficking can happen to anyone. Stay close together and warn your children of any dangers before their journey. If your kids are old enough, you can play a game of memorizing emergency phone numbers.

Make Sure They Know Who They Can Talk To

Your children may have already been told to not talk to strangers; however, you should teach them there are some people they can trust. Adults such as police officers, firefighters, and medical personnel should be identified to your children before they go on vacation. Parents should teach them how to properly identify a professional that can help them find their family and not a simple stranger that may cause them harm. Another helpful tip is to equip your child with a simple phone and teach them to dial 911 in case of a real emergency. Many vacation resorts and theme parks also feature child safety tents you can point out to your children when you enter the destination.

Have a Plan for What to Do if You Get Separated

Even if you’re keeping your children within your watch, they can easily be separated in a crowd. Sometimes your older children can help if they’re independent enough to find a safety officer to investigate where smaller siblings may be. Another suggestion is to dress your child in noticeable clothing and have them wear a watch or carry a smartphone with specific times to meet at a predetermined location. Most importantly, vacations should be a fun getaway for you and your loved ones. By following safety standards and techniques, you can be reassured that your children will have the time of their life and stay nearby.

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