Denver is a favorite travel spot for many different kinds of people, but what if you don’t want to go to the same places that everyone else is going? Part of the fun of travel is finding the hidden gems of wherever you are. Here are four spots you need to check out the next time you find yourself in the Mile High City.

The Wizard’s Chest

The Wizard’s Chest may not seem like a hidden gem, but this is one castle you can’t skip. When it opened in 1983, this store drew most of its inspiration from Middle Earth, but it has only grown since then. Now the premier destination for costumes and all the accessories you need to complete your look. The Wizard’s Chest also has a hands-on play environment, meaning you can come and learn to play all sorts of new games. They also host a variety of open play events, which makes this a popular attraction for table-top enthusiasts. Even if you are just wandering through, this store is worth the visit.

Dairy Block

Home of the original Windsor Dairy, Dairy Block is now a unique micro-district located in Downtown Denver. It features fun shopping experiences, great food, and a new hotel that leads directly to the heart of Dairy Block. There are multiple events every week, featuring music, art, other cultural events. While still developing, this area is already a great hub of activity and unique experiences.

Casa Bonita

If you want a show with your meal, Casa Bonita is the place to go. With delicious Mexican food and entertainment running all day, this restaurant will please everyone. The entertainment is family-friendly, which means you don’t have to worry about bringing your kids with you. Along with the regular dives, fake gunfights, and pirate appearances, there are also evening puppet shows for your younger children.  

Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours

If you love unique tours, Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours is one of the best ways to see Denver. The bus has been outfitted to look like a hillbilly shack, and it offers couple different tours, depending on your interests. The history tour in 90 minutes and covers unique parts of Denver that you probably won’t find in a history book. The ghost tour covers a variety of different haunted areas in Denver and has plenty to interest even casual fans. The ghost tour is only available in October, right in time for Halloween.

These hidden gems are a great way to start your trip to Denver. Do a little exploring and see what other fun things you can find that may not be as well-known for tourists. These hidden gems are a great way to start your trip to Denver. Do a little exploring and see what other fun events you can find in Denver that may not be as well-known for tourists.

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