It is natural to worry about the well-being of your children when traveling abroad. However, with a little preplanning and common sense, you can ensure that your children get the most out of your trip and come home safely. Here are four tips to keep your children safe while traveling abroad.

Update Vaccinations

Prior to embarking on any international vacation, it is important to verify that your children’s vaccination schedule is current. In addition to ensuring that they are vaccinated in accordance with U.S. standards, it is also critical to research any extra shots that may need relevant to your travel destination. For example, when traveling abroad to certain countries, it is recommended to receive a malaria vaccine.

Ensure Proper Car Safety

Parents understand that carrying a booster seat during travels can be overly bulky and inconvenient. However, there are portable seat belt adjusters available to help ensure your child’s safety in any car as you travel. For older children, this is not as necessary as it is for those traveling with toddlers and preschoolers still in need of a booster seat. It is tempting to neglect these car safety regulations when traveling abroad, but it is important to make sure that your child is still always properly secured.

Discuss Separation Strategies

Savvy travelers recommend having a list of strategies to deal with a child separation before you embark on your journey. Attaching your cell phone number to a young child’s bag can help a distraught, lost youth communicate with authorities. Some parents recommend always having a whistle around a child’s neck so if they get lost they can blow it and alert their parents. For additional protection measures, you can attach a piece of a paper with pertinent information such as the name of the place you are staying. Be sure to write all instructions in the local language.

Choose a Safe Destination

This may be the most basic precaution you can take, but it’s still among the most important. While you’re choosing a vacation destination, look at how safe it would be for your family. Are your children at risk of being kidnapped? Is there dangerous wildlife? Is the political climate stable? Remember that some parts of a country can be safer than others. For example, Mexico is a popular country for vacations, but it’s wiser to go to Los Cabos, which has an active city-wide security program, than Tijuana, which suffers from high rates of violent crime.

With a little preparation and a few strategies to keep your children safe, you can ensure that your journey will result in lasting memories and the desire to keep the wanderlust and quest for adventure alive.

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