Traveling is enjoyable when you have the right accessories to ease the journey. When at home, you have everything you need at your fingertips to make your day comfortable. Obviously, you can’t pack up your house for a trip, but you can choose the right accessories. These accessories will make all the difference when eliminating the inconveniences of travel.

1. Solar-Powered Phone Charger

Image Courtesy of Voltaic

Whether on the beach or in the mountains, a solar-powered charger is helpful. Most modern travelers rely on their smartphone to document pictures of their adventures. But when you’re out exploring the great outdoors, you may not have access to charging stations. But with a solar-powered charger, you can charge your phone or your tablet on the go. Where civilization ends, there is still sunshine to keep you going.  

2. Functional Travel Wallets

Image Courtesy of Nomatic Wallets

For daily life, a regular wallet will do. But when you travel, you carry a few different items that you’re not used to carrying. So your standard, everyday wallet may not meet your needs. Before setting off, get a functional travel wallet that will hold your passport, train tickets, and money. The wallet you choose should be able to fit everything you need while keeping a low profile.

3. Panoramic Camera

Image Courtesy of olloclip Mobile Photography

Worried about traveling with an expensive camera? When you travel, you want pictures of the entire experience but you may feel hesitant to pack your bulky and expensive professional camera. Fortunately, experienced and amateur photographers alike can enjoy access to a high-quality camera while on the go.  Now, there is an attachment for your smartphone that takes wide-angle, high-definition photographs. Now, you can capture great memories with one shot. This accessory is worth picking up before your next trip.

4. Universal Adapter

Image Courtesy of Aluratek Travel Adapter

When traveling abroad, you’ll find that international charging stations may look different than the ones you’re used to at home. But no matter what part of the world you travel, you will have access to electricity with this adapter. You can use it on all your trips abroad. Better yet, there is no need to purchase one-time use adapters that are costly.

5. Purse Backpack

Image Courtesy of Fjallraven

Are you struggling to choose between a purse and a backpack for your upcoming trip? You don’t have to choose if you get a purse that expands into a backpack. You always need extra space to carry snacks or travel souvenirs. There is no need to bring extra bags for this purpose. Purchase a purse that expands into a backpack for extra room.

6. Luggage Tags and Straps

Image Courtesy of Away X Tile 

Everyone knows that luggage tags can potentially save you from a lot of trouble if you lose or mix-up your luggage (if you didn’t know, you know now). Having different bags to carry and sort your belongings has its place when traveling. It also produces an issue of how to carry them all at once. Getting luggage straps that attach luggage together reduces the need for an extra hand. It clips luggage together for less hassle. They are inexpensive too.

So before your next trip, consider purchasing these six travel accessories. They will make your journey that much more enjoyable by taking away some of the hassles associated with traveling. You won’t be searching for an outlet to charge your phone with the solar charger. When you find an outlet, you won’t be disappointed that it is not the right one, because of your universal adapter. You will not need to search for your travel documents because they are secure in your functional travel wallet. These accessories are worth the cost for future travel convenience.

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