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With Genie Traveler you can now visit the most beautiful places while paying the most beautiful prices.

Custom Travel Experiences

Design Your Own Destiny

We believe everyone should be in control of their own destiny. Travel shouldn’t be restricted to just those with money. Luxury travel shouldn’t be restricted to just those that are rich.

The world is full of opportunity. Clever use of modern technology and a deep understanding of the travel industry allows us to bring deep savings to all travelers.

Travel isn’t just about vacations and extended trips. It’s also about mini-breaks, day trips and even nights out. That’s why we don’t just offer hotels and airfares but also deep discounts on experiences too.

Now you can truly control your own travel destiny.

Building Memories

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our goal is to deliver to you the possibility of seeing the beauty of our planet first hand. No longer will your budget prevent this from happening.

No Distance Is too Far

Near or far, we have something for you.


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Thousand Destinations



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