Summer is almost here, and it’s time for that perfect getaway. You’ve planned your trip, got some remarkably affordable travel deals, and you’re ready to go. Except, you’re thinking about how much money you’re going to want to spend while on vacation. To make sure that your relaxing vacation doesn’t turn into months of expense-related stress, make sure to check out these four strategies that will keep you from overspending during your next vacation.

1. Put Your Budgeting Skills to Use

The first step to avoid overspending is being aware of exactly how much money you have to spend. Having a dedicated account for travel expenses is not only an easy way to save for your next getaway, but it will also help you keep track of the money you have and how you are using it. And of course, don’t forget to check out our discounted flights and hotels.

2. Look for alternatives to eating out while on vacation

Once the transportation and lodging expenses are accounted for, food is where you’ll be most likely to overspend while away. It’s recommended to hit the grocery store once you get into town to pick up the essentials for a few meals. Make sure to book a room with a kitchen area or at least a small micro-fridge for this purpose. And, if you’re eating out, make sure to eat a snack before heading to the restaurant to reduce the amount of food you’ll be tempted to order. If you are staying in a condo or beach house, cook your own food. It will help you save money. 

3. Don’t underestimate the power of snacks

Avoid spending money at the airport or the hotel, and pack some (healthy) snacks, so you don’t feel so run-down as you go from place to place. Snacks will tie you over during activities and between meals and keep your traveling companions from getting “hangry.” This is especially useful if you are heading to an amusement park or the beach for the day since it will help you avoid the exorbitant price of food in touristy areas.

4. Beware of the alcohol

While on a budget, pre-gaming is your friend. Keeping a bottle of wine at the hotel will be a more cost-effective way of unwinding after a long day about town. But of course, if you’re in Germany, be sure to indulge in a beer or two, since they tend to be cheaper than water.

Overall, whether it’s creating and sticking to a budget or hitting the grocery store upon arrival, preparation is critical to avoid overspending on your getaway. Armed with these skills will ensure that you have a wonderful, stress-free vacation.

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