One of the hottest travel destinations of the last few years has been Iceland. Many travelers are realizing that this island country makes the perfect standalone trip or a convenient stopover on the way to Europe and beyond. Here are three tips to remember when planning a fun and safe trip to this unique country:

The Time of Year

The time of the year that you choose for your visit will be a big deciding factor in how you experience this wonderland. If you travel in the winter, you may only get about six hours of daylight each day, making it a great time to visit if your goal is to see the Northern Lights. During the summer, you will enjoy long days and a lush landscape. Whether you go in the summer or spring, you’ll want to bring a coat or jacket. It’s recommended to wear something lighter during the summer and bring something heavier for the sub-zero temperatures in winter.

Outdoor Activities

The stunning natural beauty of Iceland beckons visitors to get out and explore. The only challenge is narrowing down your bucket list adventures to create the perfect travel itinerary. For a real adrenaline rush, consider a hike around Krafla, a majestic caldera volcano located in Leirhnjukur. Animal lovers will love the chance to see whales in their natural habitats with one of the many whale-watching tours. As Iceland’s fourth-largest glacier, visitors flock to Sólheimajökull for the chance to scale this monster. And no trip to Iceland is complete without a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa is located in a lava field in southwestern Iceland.

Tour or Self-Guided?

One of the primary things that you need to consider before taking off on your Icelandic journey is whether you want to sign up for a tour or explore the country on your own. There are advantages to each approach, making it important that you consider your own travel style and personal preferences. If you decide to drive yourself, be sure to become acquainted with the rules of the road and tips for navigating the often-treacherous roads. 

Iceland practically begs to be explored. With so many distinct natural elements and a host of cultural and entertainment options, you will never be bored on a trip to this magical land of fire and ice.

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