Family vacations are the highlight of every summer for both parents and children. However, planning for the family vacation can actually take quite a bit of thought and effort. Here are a few travel essentials that you can’t forget when you’re packing for a family vacation.


First off, remember to pack some travel entertainment options that will fit your children’s interests and your vacation destination. This can keep your children happy as you’re traveling to and from your destination. If your kids like to read, make sure that you buy some books for the vacation, or download some eBooks on their phones or Kindles. If your kids prefer to play games, pack a few of their favorite card games that will be easily portable. You can even buy movies on your phones or tablets to keep them entertained. Having these types of entertainment options can keep your kids from getting bored and grumpy when you’re in between activities.

Hygiene Supplies

Next, remember to pack the necessary hygiene supplies for your children, especially if they aren’t old enough to take care of this responsibility themselves. It is likely that each of your children will have unique hygiene needs depending on the stage that they’re in. If your child must take daily medication, try packing their medication in a fun pill case to help them remember. Putting together a small hygiene kit for braces can make keeping them clean while on vacation much easier for children who have them.

Vacation Clothes

Finally, don’t forget any special vacation clothes that your family needs to bring on vacation. You’ll likely have some special clothing needs depending on your vacation destination. For example, if you’re going somewhere wet and tropical, you might want to bring some rain ponchos and waterproof shoes. If you’re going boating or sailing, you’ll need to bring swimsuits, rash guards, and plenty of sunscreen. If you’re planning on taking some cute family photos while you’re on vacation, make sure that you pack nice, coordinating outfits for every family member so you’re well prepared.

So, as you’re organizing different travel essentials for your family vacation, remember any entertainment options, hygiene supplies, and vacation clothes that you might need. This will help your children to be prepared for all of your fun vacation activities. Since you won’t be worrying about bored, grumpy kids, missing hygiene supplies, or mismatched clothing, you’ll be able to truly enjoy every moment of your vacation.

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