Whether you are partial to all day expeditions in EPCOT’s futuristic dreamscape, or prefer to experience the grandeur of the great outdoors, family vacations are an essential component of family cohesion and health. Emerging research is even suggesting that vacations can be instrumental in improving the cognitive capacity of children. In case you are wondering if your investment in a family vacation is worthwhile, consider these facts.

Better Problem Solvers

Even if you think that you have created the perfect itinerary and have spent hours researching anything that could go wrong, something will go wrong on almost any trip. Do not let your children see you sweat. Instead, consider it a great learning opportunity as you teach your children how to overcome unexpected obstacles that may appear. The result may also be great family memories that they will talk about for the rest of their lives.

Improved Physical Health

On most family vacations, everyone gets more exercise than they get on a day at home. This often helps children get to or maintain a healthy weight, but they will not feel like they are being forced to exercise as they hike along beautiful trails, climb stairs at favorite attractions or play carnival-style games at an amusement park. Most children also get exposed to more sunlight when traveling helping to boost their Vitamin D levels. Even when children are exposed to some minor bug, it can make them healthier in the long run.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Traveling enhances communication skills. At age five a child will recognize about 10,000 words, but those who travel regularly may recognize many more. Numerous studies show the best time to learn a foreign language is during the preschool years and the best way to learn it is to be totally submerged in an environment where it is spoken. Therefore, parents should not be surprised when they have to rely on their children to translate what they are saying to a person in a foreign land.

Refined Decision-Making Abilities

When parents involve children in decision making, their ability to make sound decisions often improves. They learn to measure different risks and arrive at a conclusion that they are satisfied with. Families making decisions together also helps children learn to work together as a team, especially when everyone has their own area to research and bring their data to a family meeting.

There are many other reasons that traveling with your children will make them smarter. Therefore, enhance their education by planning your next family vacation.

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